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School Dance Marketing Tips

Here are some tips to help you attract more students to your school dance.

1. Create a theme for your dance. (Costume, Retro, Nature, etc.) A theme will help your dance be more than just a dance and can also be a great way to bring awareness to something.

2. Organize a contest to be included with your dance. Your contest should be related to your theme. (ex.If your theme is costumes, you could have a costume contest.)

3. Tell everyone you know! Now that you have a theme and a contest you have something to advertise. Create posters, social website invites, post to the school website and get the word out. It doesn’t take long for the entire school to know about the upcoming dance. Make sure to mention When, Where, and How much the dance is. As well where and when they can purchase tickets.

4. Start a rumour! Yes, we’re really telling you to start a rumour. Get a group of friends together and organize a flash dance mob at the dance. Rely on the fact that not everyone who is taking part in the flash mob will be able to keep it a secret and your rumour is now set in play.

5. Make it easy for students to buy tickets. Sell tickets at the same time everyday at the same location. Offer discounts if one student buys multiple tickets. (ex.Buy 4 get the 5th Free) 

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