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We are always on the lookout for new young people to join our team!

Our DJs range in age, style and experience quite a bit. We use this to our advantage by having the experienced DJs mentor the new and upcoming ones. 

Being a DJ is easy, being a great DJ takes skill.

We take the time to teach you everything to do with being a professional DJ. You will learn how to perform for all different types of events and all the technical aspects. You will learn how to talk, what to say, and how to read the audience to ques on what to play. 

We don’t charge you for training.

We also won’t continue to train you if we’re not confident that you will be able to perform at our standards eventually. 

So you have some experience as a DJ...

We are also looking for you. We’re still going to ask you to do some training with us cause we want you to understand our standards.

How does pay work?

After you successfully pass your test gig you will then start earning money at your next gig. Like musicians, DJs get paid by the gig and how long they have to play for. Pay is based on your performance and experience and starts at $15 per performance hour. Most our DJs move up to $20 pretty fast. Our full time DJs on staff earn upwards of $400 a gig.

This is how to apply:

Fill out our application form and when you’re done, press Submit.

Please do not call us regarding employment, we are very busy booking events.

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